XKC 001 - XKC 010

XKC 001:
1951 Biondetti/Johnson Le Mans, retired: 1951 Johnson/Rolt Tourist Trophy, 4th and lap record: May 1952 Rolt Silverstone, retired: 1952 Le Mans retired; utilised for experimental after 1952 Goodwood 9hr race and scrapped.

XKC 002:
1951 Moss/Fairman Le Mans retired: 1951 Moss TT, 1st: 1952 Moss Silverstone, 1st: 1952 Le Mans retired: Whitehead/ Stewart Goodwood 9hr, retired after crash and utilised for experimental projects.

XKC 003:
1951 Walker/Whitehead Le Mans, 1st: 1951 Walker TT, 2nd: 1952 Moss Easter Goodwood (First use of disc brakes) 4th In handicap and fastest lap: 1952 Moss Mille Migilia, retired: 1952 Moss Monaco, crash pitsop then Black Flag: 1952 Le Mans used for spares then dismantled at the factory.

XKC 004:
First Privately owned C-type Duncan Hamilton. 1952 Isle of Man and Orporto, retired: 1952 2nd behind Moss at Boreham and Turnberry: 1952 crashed in I.M.R.C. Wakefield Trophy at the Curragh: 1953 crashed heavily at Orporto rebuilt and sold to Jack Howey: later owners included John Undery of Devon and Guy Williams of Sussex (Late 60‘s).

XKC 005: Co-owned by Bill Cannell and Tommy Wisdom, who became the first privateer to complete a race in a C-type that being the 1952 Monaco GP. 1952 Moss Reims GP 1st: 1052 Moss Boreham, 1st: Turnberry 1st, Goodwood 2nd: Sold 1953 to Brigadier Michael Head, raced and won several club races and a successful Scandinavian season in 1954: Re-sold 1955 and raced by Rosemary Vickers of Caithness, July 1952 won ladies prize Rest-and-be-thankful hillclimb, John Barber also won his class, Mrs Vicker won a sports car handicap at Charterhall: 1955 crashed in Kingsland TT at Brands Hatch. Later sold to Tony Wood of Northants and now on display loan to the Donnington Collection.

XKC 006:
First C-type owned by Ecurie Ecosse, Ian Stewart. 1952 race record, 1st Jersey Road Race and best lap: 1st Charterhall , crashed at Boreham, 1st at Crimond, 1st in heat and 3rd in final at Turnberry, 1st Wakefield Trophy at Curragh, 1st at Castle Coombe, 1st at Charterhall beating Moss in XKC 005 and Salvidori in a 2.7 Ferrari and best lap: Later painted Met Blue, team colour and achieved the following results; 1953 Ninian Sanderson 6th in Easter Handicap at Goodwood: Ian Stewart Charterhall and Ibsly, 1st: Silverstone International, 9th: Charterhall 4th having stopped whilst in the lead: Thruxton 2nd: Snetterton 1st, retired at Isle of Man: Snetterton 2 x1st: Wicklow Leinster Trophy, 5th (second fastest finisher): Silverstone British GP, 5th: Later exported to the USA, returned to the UK and totally rebuilt by Lynx Engineering for Mr Bill Lake of Sussex 1974.

XKC 007:
Sold to the USA distributor ‘Chuck’ Hornburg: raced and won at Elkhart Lake in 1952: sold to several private owners last known, Jack Ratteree in Arizona.

XKC 008:
Factory prepared for Leslie Johnson, then maintained at his works (ERA Dunstable) and at the Gretton Garage by former Jaguar mechanic John Lea: Raced the Mille Miglia but retired in 1953. Other owners included John Hogg and John Bekaert and after several wins came third in class in the 1957 Autosport championship. Jackie Epstein restored the car in the midsixties and it as later owned by Ian Barclay Wilson.

XKC 009:
Sent to the USA and raced at Erkart Lake, 1952: won the Erkhart Lake race in 1952 and again under new ownership, Dr MRJ Whilley in 1954. Later owner by David Darrin of New Jersey (brother of car designer)

XKC 010:
Sold via the USA to Art Feuerbacher of Clarich Mortors, St. Louis. Sherwood Johnson drove it to 3rd place at Madera in 1952. The best result was 3rd in the 1953 Sebring 12-hour race driven by Johnson and Wilder. Later owned by Arthur Seyler, Cleveland.