XKC 021 - XKC 030

XKC 021:
Sold to Bill Holt and raced at Goodwood Sept meeting, raced by Holt in 1953 and Mike Connell without success David Boston and Dick Protheroe shared it in 1955 then owned by various including Michael Richardson, lent toBill MacKay who raced in the Scottish speed championship events. Bought by John Hallihan then shipped to Australia for restoration early 1966.

XKC 022:
Sold by Hoffman in 1953 to HW Wessels III who sold it to Maston Gregory to replace his burn tout XKC015. 1st st Thompson, Connecticut. Jan 1954 raced Gregory raced with co-driver Dale Duncan in the Argentine 1000km but only finished 14th after overheating due to faulty water pump. Gregory sold to William Wilson who has several class wins and subsequently sold it to David Rubin of New York.

XKC 023:
Sold to Jaguar Seattle and Tacoma dealer Joe Henderson. Raced by Jack Douglas and Bill Pollack in the Seattle “Seafair” 100-mile race, 2nd 1953. This car is now owned by Dr. Christian Jenny. The fascinating story of this car will appear here shortly.

XKC 024:
Sold to Denver dealer Alec Thomson. Phil Hill drove came in second behind Ferrari and ahead of Maston Gregory, “Lone Star” 200 mile race, Bertgstorm AFB Texas 1953. Sold to James Harrison of Colorado Springs, crashed at East v West meeting March Field 1953. Later owners based in California.

XKC 025:
Sold through Moroccan dealer to Armand Roboly. Best result: 2nd in Hyeres 12hr race, France 1953, co-driven bt Col. John Simone. Car or bits reported to be in the USA.

XKC 026:
Sold to Fiction writer Alfred Coppel who soon sold it to Sterling Edwards to replace XKC017 which has been crashed. Best result was 2nd at Medera California. Sold to Julio Mariscal of Mexico City who ordered triple Webers to replace the twin SU’s.

XKC 027:
Sold via Marcel Fluery, Genevato John Simone American best result 3rd at Agadir and 2nd at Marrakech, 1954 sold to Jacques Jonneret who won at Nimes and then crashed at the Geneva Rally. Sold to Paul Vogal who used it in ,local hill climbs. Car was later bought back by Fluery and kept until 1975 when sold to Ole Sommer of Denmark for his personal collection.

XKC 028:
Purchased by Import Motors Inc. of Colorado based in Ohio and later owned by William Franz.

XKC 029:
Purchased through US for Mexico where driven by Paco Ibarra in 1953. Sold to Javier Velazquez In 1954 later turning up back in America owned by William Frey of Massachusetts.

XKC 030:
Purchased by David Hirsch in 1953 came 4th at Sebring 12hr, car was then rolled at Bridgehampton in the May. Sold to several owners ending up with Gordon MacKenzie of Millbrook, New York who continued to race throughout the 60‘s. Sold during the 70‘s to Edward Sutherland of Sudbury Massachusetts.