XKC 041 - XKC 050

XKC 041:
Sold to Merchiston Motors, Edinburgh in 1953, run by David Murray and “Wilkie“ Wilkinson, as HQ of Ecurie Ecosse. Sold to Sir James Walker of Faringdon Engineering in Berkshire who kept it for some time before eventually being sold through the trade to John Blanden of Adelaide, in 1980 .

XKC 042:
Destined to be sold to Carlos Lostalo of Argentina but eventually sold to Ecurie Ecosse as sister car to XKC 041 in the 1953 season. Sold to John Keeling who continued to race with some good results. Later road tested by Paul Skilleter when owned by Nigel Dawes in the 70‘s.

XKC 043:
Sold to R.E.L.M. Tielens of Meerssen and raced with little success. Car was later identified in Germany in a very poor condition and was purchased by Aubery Finburgh, UK.

XKC 044:
Sold to Oscar Swahn of Sweden in 1953 and raced winning local meetings, it was then bought by the importers son, Arne Fredlund who had very little success with the car. Re-sold to Curt Lincoln of Finland winning the Djurgard race, Helsinki in 1955. Later sold to several Swedish owners until purchased once more by Fredlund. The restoration was not completed due to the death of his father Ake Fredlund , then sold to Magnus Alvan of Bromma, in the 60‘sit was brought to the UK by the late Nigel Moores and now resides with Roberts Harrison of Pennsylvania.

XKC 045:
Sold via Italian Distributor Compagnia General Auto to Mario Tadini who raced it in the 1953 Mille Miglia but retired, rest of season was taken up returning the car to the works for repair. Sold to Ivo Bararacco Lugano who gained 3rd in the over 1.6litre class of the Swiss GP 1954. Later owned and used for Hill climbs by Silvio Moser and Hans Maag. Later owned by former Jaguar apprentice, Nigel Bradshaw and creator of the Midland Motor Museum, Bob Roberts.

XKC 046:
Sold via French importer Dalacroux to Sir James Scott Douglas and was regarded as an Ecurie Ecosse car. Won first time out Castle Combe 1953, 4th at Reims 12hr and 2nd Spa 24hr , crashed in practice for the 1000km race at Nurburgring. Repaired and then sold to Berwyn Baxter (54/55) and Maxwell Trimble who both competed successfully in club races. The fourth owner, Lord Edury was killed in the car whilst competing in the Prescott Hillclimb, 1957. Later owned and restored over a fifteen year period by Tom May, then sold it in the 70‘s.

XKC 047: 
Factory prepared and sold to Roger Laurent of Vilvorde as Ecurie Francorchamps Le Mans entry 1953, finished 9th. The raced and failed to finish at Spa and Nurburgring. Car was badly damaged in freak road accident whilst in convoy to Le Mans with the works cars 1954. XKC 014 was driven to Le Mans and the works prepared components from XKC 047 were transplanted gaining 4th in the race. The car went on to race in it’s new guise XKC 047 achieving 3rd at Reims 12hr, 3rd at Zandvoort and was 7th fastest finisher at the Dundrod TT. Car was then sold to Walter Arnold who came 7th in the Barcelona cup. The car eventually found its way to the USA where it was owned by Thomas Groskritz of California.

XKC 048:
Sold to Lt. Col. Ronald Hoare, CBE and used as a road car, it was then sold to Michael Crowley-Milling in 1956. The car was fitted with all weather equipment and maintained a ”never raced“ status.

XKC 049:
Sold to a board member, Derek Truman of CH Truman & Co who were Nottingham distributors, who raced it. Later it was raced by Gil Tyrer who also had an XK120 screen and hood fitted (Tyrer later owned XKC 038 and 053). Sold to Louis Manduca and was driven by Archie Scott-Brown, winning unlimited sports-car races in 1955. The car had been fitted with Triple Webers soon after it was sold in an attempt to keep the car competitive. Later owned by Gordon Lee and successfully raced in the late 1950‘s. Owned by various traders changing colour regularly and was raced by David Duffy in the 70‘s.

XKC 050:
Sold to Joseph Kelly or Ireland in 1953 and raced in the Dundrod TT finishing 2nd in class followed by 2nd in the Wakefield Trophy race at Curragh. Kelly gained several good results in the 1954 season later crashing the car in the 1955 Empire Trophy race at Oulton Park. The damaged car was then sold. Later owners included Paul Emery, David Harvey (Jaguar Drivers Club) and until 1980 Bryan Corser of Shrewsbury.