XKC 051 -  XKC 054

XKC 051:
1953 Works “Lightweight” winner of Le Mans 24hr driven by Rolt / Hamilton. The car was then sold to Ecurie Ecosse and registered LSF 420 building a racing heritage. Later the car was raced in 1955 by Bill Smith from Lincoln, who showed great potential before being killed driving a different car at the TT. Car was then sold to Geoffrey Allison of York who competed and won at club races. Later sold to Mile Brubacher of California who initially used it as a road car and then undertook a painstaking chassis restoration, later it was owned by Briggs Cunningham who restored the body 1980‘s

XKC 052:
1953 Works “Lightweight” 4th at Le Mans 24hr driven by P Whitehead / I Stewart. The car was sold to Ecurie Ecosse and successfully campaigned until it was sold at the end of the 1954 season. It was then transferred to Peter Blond who competed in UK club events. The car has had various owners including Alan Ensoll, Martin Morris who owned it for much of the 70‘s and into the 80‘s.

XKC 053:
1953 Works “Lightweight” 2nd at Le Mans 24hr driven by Moss / Walke, Moss then drove it to 2nd at Lisbon, Whitehead / Stewart 3rd at Goodwood 9hr and retired from TT. The car was then sold to Ecurie Ecosse who campaigned the car for two seasons. Later bought by JK Hunter and raced in 1955, then owned and raced by Gil Tyrer. The cars later life was in the ownership of Tom Gibson of Pickering who restored it with David Hodgeson and raced again by Keith Schellenberg in the early 60‘s. The car was later fitted with a 3.8litre engine and claimed a 12.6 standing quarter mile time.

XKC 054:
This car was never sold and it is assumed is the chassis used for the body design transition prior to the D-type. A car was also extensively used up to 1954 for tyre and speed testing. Norman Dewes drove a car at 180mph which was alleged to be a C-type with D-type bodywork.