In the constant quest for a more exact replica, we offer a dimensionally correct car using a later independent suspension and much more powerful disc brakes. It utilises a full aluminium body representing the 1956 works long nose car and you have the choice of 3.4,3.8 or 4.2 litre engines with three duel choke 45 DCOE carburetors and four or five speed transmission.

If you are looking for a slice of motor racing history, then the D-type should certainly be on your list. CJR can supply this replication based on aluminium bodywork and a tubular steel chassis that once assembled, the car is a striking replication of the original. The overall detailing, finally that gives the car a deceiving finish. The car utilises new and reconditioned parts from Jaguar, supplemented with hand crafted detail and parts from original suppliers to Jaguar.

You can choose from an options list, selecting body style and upgrades. Many of the items are aesthetic to the original car, some are there for practicality, others for pure performance but whatever your choice we are sure the final product will exceed your expectations.

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