Short Nose D-Type Final Test Drive April 2017

Oli driving

CJR Jaguar C Type at Castle Combe May 2015

CJR Track day. Oli driving

CJR Jaguar C type at Castle Combe

Oli giving the C type a run round Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire with the C Type club 1st July 2013. the track is bumpy in places and difficult to get right,
most of the track was done in 3rd and 4th only using 2nd for the second chicane. Max speed about 120 mph on the run from the start finish to quarry bend -- never got into 5th

Jaguar C-Type Dawn Patrol

Early morning in Berkshire. Three Jaguar C Type replicas and open roads. A perfect combination. Turn the volume to max and enjoy the ride.




All alloy replica

CJR-LM on the road


Jaguar D-Type