Following Jaguar's withdrawal from competition at the end of the 1955 season, a number of completed and partially complete D-types remained unsold at the Browns Lane factory. In an attempt to recoup some of the investment made in building these unused chassis, and to exploit the lucrative American market for high-performance European sports cars, Sir William Lyons decided to convert a number to full road-going specification.

Only minor changes were made to the basic D-type structure: the addition of a passenger side door, the removal of the large fin behind the driver's seat, and the removal of the divider between passenger and driver seats. In addition, changes were made for cosmetic, comfort and legal reasons: a full-width, chrome-surrounded windscreen was added; sidescreens were added to both driver and passenger doors; a rudimentary, folding, fabric roof was added for weather protection; XK140 rear light clusters mounted higher on the wings; and thin chrome strips added to the edge of the front light fairings.

In total 16 XKSS variants were made, with most being sold in the USA, before the Browns Lane fire destroyed the remaining chassis.

Unquestionably the most famous XKSS of all time, was that owned by Steve McQueen. He originally purchased the car in 1959, then sold it in 1969, but nostalgia got the best of him and he repurchased it in 1977, owning it till his death in 1980.

CJR, the leading market builder of the replica C and D Types, now brings you the opportunity to join a small but privileged number of classic car enthusiasts, behind the wheel of an XKSS. As with its C and D Type Replicas, CJR combines an authentic and nostalgic experience with important concessions to handling and safety, in a stunning recreation of what is claimed by many motoring journalists and classic car collectors, to be the most

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